I haven’t posted in a while since I’ve been rushing to meet my July 18 deadline.

All I have to do is complete the ticket query; both in the project-specific mode and the cross-project mode. I have 2.5 weeks, but even that might not be enough.

After this is finished, most everything will be done except that project managers still need an interface to add, remove, rename, reorder, etc ticket fields. But this comes under the jurisdiction of Jeff’s form editor.

A lot of the DrP screens have fallen under my jurisdiction, but I’ve made an effort make a lot of them look the same in the new system as they id in the old. So even though my code touches a huge portion of DrP, the screens that are affected number about 5.

Here’s a look at all the screens that I’ve changed…

Creating a new ticket

View / Edit Existing Ticket

Ticket Notifications

Milestone Statistics

Project Statistics


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