Things to do before NEWT can be merged into trunk

Luke is going to test newt today (?) and I have done some very extensive functional testing on Sunday. So there may be bugs that come up based on Luke’s work, but here’s what needs to be done before newt can go live:

  • Jeff needs to add the ability to add/remove fields in the front-end. Also the ability to change the default value of a field and its verbosity setting for queries. (ET: ask Jeff)
  • When viewing a ticket, if the value of any field is too long it will expand the width of the table; the table needs to maintain its size and the text should be wrapped. (ET: 1 hr)
  • On the new ticket page the way the fields are laid out is probably not the best way. Also, the tags do not seem to work. (ET: 1 day)
  • When changing the email notification in project preferences, submitting the form doesn’t actually change the value. (ET: 0.5 days or more)
  • Query filters cannot be loaded based on the URL string. This affects links from places like milestones. (ET: 1 day or more)
  • Sorting by a field in ticket queries removes all the filters. (ET: 0.5 days)
  • SQLite allows a 32 join maximum which translates to a maximum of 8 filters on the query page in worst case. This needs to be enhanced. (ET: no idea).

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